• FreeBSD security

    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:19.tcp
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:18.openssl
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:16.file
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:15.iconv
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:14.openssl
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:11.sendmail
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:12.ktrace
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:13.pam
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:10.openssl
  • FreeBSD Central

    • RT @fugbr: FUG on @fossetcon now.
    • RT @karinjiri: Like ZFS, poudriere has grown on me for #FreeBSD - I can't imagine not using it. Besides, it legitimately uses tsort(1) - that's awesome!
    • RT @CallForTesting: CFT: The BSD Desktop: Better late than never #BSD #PF #ZFS #bhyve
    • RT @allanjude: After over a year of work, and much help, the @freebsd handbook now contains a dedicated #ZFS chapter #moretocome
    • MeetBSD 2014 Promo: Enjoy, Learn, and Network at the “unConference” specifically tailored to BSD Developers an...

Online il nuovo sito del GUFI

Da oggi è finalmente online il nuovo sito del GUFI, basato su WordPress. Il nuovo sito, oltre a contenere tutte le informazioni presenti sul vecchio sito, recupera anche le pagine che erano andate perse nella transizione dal primo sito del GUFI alla piattaforma Plone che gestiva il vecchio sito.

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