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    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:11.openssl
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    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:06.bsnmpd
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    • RT @bsdnow: A new @bsdnow is OUT: Interview Nick Wolff @darkfiberiru about how FreeBSD is used across the State of Ohio & more!
    • RT @linuxtoday: Lumina Desktop Getting Ready for FreeBSD 11.0:  FOSSforce: The Lumina Desktop Environment -- let's just call i...
    • RT @freebsdfndation: The Jan/Feb issue of the @freebsdjournal is posted. Tell your friends and download yours today! #FreeBSD
    • RT @jedisct1: htop 2.0 is out, and is now compatible with FreeBSD, OpenBSD and OSX.
    • RT @HardenedBSD: Binary updates for 11-CURRENT/amd64 and 10-STABLE/amd64 have been published!

BSDCon 2000

Monterey (CA – USA) – 14 – 20 ottobre 2000

Un commando del GUFI ha partecipato alla BSDCon 2000, incontrando buona parte dei “mostri sacri” del Core Team di FreeBSD e recandosi in pellegrinaggio nella Silicon Valley… visitando fra l’altro il CED di Hotmail. Non possiamo certo dire che Monterey sia una città meravigliosa, tuttavia il viaggio ha dato buoni frutti!

BSDCon 2000 - I nostri

Da sinistra a destra: Gianluca Sordiglioni, Gianmarco Giovannelli e Stefano Riva

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