• FreeBSD security

    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:24.sshd
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:25.setlogin
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:26.ftp
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:20.rtsold Error
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:19.tcp
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:18.openssl
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:16.file
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:15.iconv
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:14.openssl
  • FreeBSD Central

    • RT @saneug: The Design and Implementation of the Anykernel and Rump Kernels #sysadmin
    • RT @lattera: Pretty cool to see #DTrace working with @HardenedBSD's #ASLR code. #FreeBSD
    • RT @FreeNASTeam: Update: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we're pushing the release of FreeNAS 9.3 to Dec 2.
    • RT @intel: Each retweet #IntelAndroid & #DevFieldGuide will give $1 to education and coding nonprofits!
    • FreeBSD 64-bit ARM architecture project update:


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Filippo Natali – VoIP su FreeBSD

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