• FreeBSD security

    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:09.ipv6
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:08.bsdinstall
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:07.ntp
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:06.openssl
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:05.bind
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:04.igmp
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:03.sctp
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:02.kmem
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-15:01.openssl
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-14:31.ntp
  • FreeBSD Central

    • RT @FreeBSDHelp: About a GAZILLION commits just landed in FreeBSD for Linux compat thanks to Dimitry Chagin!
    • RT @pcbsdKris: First patches into sysutils/iocage today - Making it ready for @PCBSD to use as its jail manager backend.
    • RT @DLangille: CRITS (Collaborative Research Into Threats) now has a FreeBSD port: &
    • bsdtalk253 interview with @gvnn3
    • ArchBSD renamed to PacBSD due to potential trademark issues - New website: #pacbsd #bsd


Filippo Natali – FreeBSD Ports

Filippo Natali – VoIP su FreeBSD

Teresa De Francia – FreeBSD for Newbies

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