• FreeBSD security

    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:23.libarchive
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:22.libarchive
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:21.43bsd
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:20.linux
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:19.sendmsg
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:18.atkbd
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:17.openssl
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:16.ntp
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:15.sysarch
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:14.openssh
  • FreeBSD Central

    • RT @MayaPosch: If Microsoft put the energy used for forcing Windows 10 onto Win7 users into making a good new OS, maybe we could be enticed into upgrading.
    • RT @lattera: #bhyve UEFI GOP working flawlessly on #HardenedBSD, even with PIE + RELRO + BIND_NOW. Full:
    • RT @pr1ntf: I should be tagging a new release for iohyve and submitting to ports this weekend. Lots of cleanup thanks to the efforts of some folks.
    • RT @Ericbsd: What's it like to use a BSD system as the primary operating system on your computer? by Eric Turgeon
    • RT @fitchitis: pkg 1.8.0 has been released. #freebsd


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