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    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:23.libarchive
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:22.libarchive
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:21.43bsd
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:20.linux
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:19.sendmsg
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:18.atkbd
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:17.openssl
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:16.ntp
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:15.sysarch
    • Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-16:14.openssh
  • FreeBSD Central

    • RT @MayaPosch: If Microsoft put the energy used for forcing Windows 10 onto Win7 users into making a good new OS, maybe we could be enticed into upgrading.
    • RT @lattera: #bhyve UEFI GOP working flawlessly on #HardenedBSD, even with PIE + RELRO + BIND_NOW. Full:
    • RT @pr1ntf: I should be tagging a new release for iohyve and submitting to ports this weekend. Lots of cleanup thanks to the efforts of some folks.
    • RT @Ericbsd: What's it like to use a BSD system as the primary operating system on your computer? by Eric Turgeon
    • RT @fitchitis: pkg 1.8.0 has been released. #freebsd

BSDCon 2000

Monterey (CA – USA) – 14 – 20 ottobre 2000

Un commando del GUFI ha partecipato alla BSDCon 2000, incontrando buona parte dei “mostri sacri” del Core Team di FreeBSD e recandosi in pellegrinaggio nella Silicon Valley… visitando fra l’altro il CED di Hotmail. Non possiamo certo dire che Monterey sia una città meravigliosa, tuttavia il viaggio ha dato buoni frutti!

BSDCon 2000 - I nostri

Da sinistra a destra: Gianluca Sordiglioni, Gianmarco Giovannelli e Stefano Riva

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